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Gluten and dairy can be found in a number of places and can go under numerous names, it is very easy (especially in the early days) to get caught out and not even know how.

It is quite important to know and understand where these allergens are hidden; although we are pretty lucky here in New Zealand, as these days companies are required to put in bold anything in their products that is considered an allergen. Most often they even mention when their products contain dairy, gluten or other allergens (e.g. egg, fish etc). However, it is still good to know and understand and do your own research when you’re just not sure.

For us, as my family are generally just in the intolerance levels for most allergens, we can get away with products that say ‘Made in a factory that also makes gluten products’, or ‘May contain gluten’. However, I still tend to check everything and err on the side of caution if I feel unsure.

Places gluten and dairy can be found:

– Rye
– Wheat
– Barley
– Spelt
Breads / Pastas / Crackers / Some seasonings and spices / Oats / Malt (including vinegar) / Soy / Some condiments

– Milk
– Cheese
– Ice cream
– Cream
– Yoghurt
– Butter
– Chocolate

Other Names for Gluten and Dairy:

Barley (flakes / flour / pearl)
Bread; including stuffing
Brewers Yeast
Durum Wheat
Farro (spelt / dinkel flour)
Graham Flour
Hydrolysed wheat proteins
Kamut Wheat
Malt (malt extract / malt syrup / malt flavouring / malt vinegar)
Malted milk
Matzo (meal)
Modified wheat starch
Oatmeal (oatbran / flour / whole oats)
Rye bread / flour
Seitan (vegetarian substitute made with wheat)
Wheat bran / flour / germ / starch
Atta Flour
Einkorn Wheat
Emmer Wheat
Fu (Asian product made with wheat)

Hydrolysed Casein
Milk Sugar
Milk Solids
Non-Fat Milk Solids
Skimmed Milk Whey
Skimmed Milk Powder
Hydrolised Milk Protein
Whey Protein
Whey Sugar
Whey Syrup Sweetener

Please note, I have done online research, and also looked up a number of books to get this information – I didn’t know all these things myself, and I have no doubt that this is not an exhaustive list either!

If you are aware of some more names and information that you think should be in here, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

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